Winter Weekend Kitchari Cleanse

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by David D. Jameson, Ayurvedic Practitioner and Doctor of Natural Medicine
Most of us don’t think of winter as a time of rejuvenation.  Hibernating bear, trees that lay dormant – nature rests, preserves energy and prepares for the awakening in the spring.  This is an introspective time of the year which gives us the chance to make changes and start anew.  “Muscleman” a cartoon character on The Regular Show exclaimed something along the lines that you don’t need a new year’s resolution if you bring you’re A-Game every day.  That may be true but it’s difficult to bring a health A-Game every day.  No longer does our society support true health.  We have been forced into a lifestyle that makes healing and balance very difficult.  Bringing our A-Game isn’t as easy as it sounds.

For many generations the grandmas used to make soups, broths, teas and herbal concoctions and decoctions for healing the family.  They would pass on traditional healing methods and people knew “what to do.”  We don’t find knowing what to do or taking responsibility for our own health prevalent in western society.  Even ancient cultures are losing this holistic tradition due to westernization and the big pharma cartel.

From a cellular standpoint, imbalances, aging and the disease process begin when the normal function of cell regeneration slows down.  This is typically caused by an accumulation of waste products and undigested food particles (ama) that interfere with nourishment and removal of metabolic waste.  Additionally, this accumulation can and will diminish digestive function (agni), clog the bowel and the lymphatic system along with a host of other issues.

The key to Ayurvedic cleansing is to be in harmony with nature.  During the winter season we need to take on warming and healing foods.  Remember, this is our hibernation period; our time for rejuvenation.  Cooked stews, soups and porridges sound wonderful and are health promoting more during the winter more than they are useful during the high heat and humidity of say, August.

Kitchari is a highly nourishing, hypoallergenic stew made from mung beans and basmati rice.  It assists in the detoxification process and is very easy to make and to digest. 

During a kitchari cleanse energy is conserved and not utilized in a constant breaking down of meat, cheese, sugar and processed foods that is normally eaten in western society.  The body can concentrate on elimination of toxins and repair.  With a Kitchari Cleanse the body will start healing itself from within all the while being nourished with clean food.

This simple weekend eating plan not only rests the GI tract and induces proper digestion but it will allow the lymphatic system to cleanse itself which means immune function will become more regulated.  Since toxins are not being reintroduced during this period the intestines will begin to cleanse and rejuvenate too.  We are only as healthy as our bowel.

Most say they feel a sense of peace and better sleep during and after the cleanse; the racing mind and constant cravings.  One could say that the nervous system gets to join in on the rejuvenation.  On a personal level I have noticed that contrived anxiety will diminish and old sports aches will disappear while I cleanse.  Amazingly but expedited – they don’t reappear until I start eating western food again.

Full details will be included in your kit (or you may find loads of information and recipes online) but here is the basics:

  • Positive mental attitude is a must! And do not worry!  Millions of people have done a kitchari cleanse.  You are not the first to be nervous.  We will provide you with a tip booklet that will answer your questions and guide you along the way!  True cleansing is a reduction of systemic stress.  Embrace and enjoy the different feeling
  • Start your cleanse Friday as soon as possible. If you can start at breakfast or lunch; the sooner the better.  Start at dinner on Friday for sure.
  • Only eat when hungry and feel free to eat every time you are hungry.
  • Eliminate dairy, meat, eggs, sugar, alcohol, processed foods, iced drinks and stimulants like coffee. You can sip your warming and satisfying detox tea all weekend!
  • Feel free to add your favorite veggies in the pot. Eat your largest portion mid-day and make your last meat the easiest to digest.
  • Take 2 Triphala tablets before each meal or 3 times a day during the cleanse.
  • Add additional spices if needed. Be sure to add ghee to every batch of kitchari.
  • Focus on yourself; avoid conflict and anything strenuous or too serious. Engage in activities like extra sleep, meditation, yin yoga and pranayama breathing techniques.  Long walks in the sun are wonderful if the weather allows.  Tell your loved ones that you have permission to be a couch potato between walks!
  • If you need a treat to get you through consider apples stewed in ghee with a little cinnamon. This must be eaten 2 hours away from your kitchari meals not to upset the cleansing process by improper food combining.
  • There is no reason to stop Sunday. I have had people here at Blue Lotus Healing Center use this cleanse for 60 days and report feeling better and better as time went on.
  • Make kitchari your go to when there is nothing else in the house, you don’t know what to eat, your feeling gloomy, kids are sick or any other reason that is related to external stress.

Once you have completed the Winter Weekend Kitchari Cleanse use it as momentum.  Start anew.  Keep removing your old unhealthy habits and embrace the newness of change.  Take this time to congratulate yourself and take note of the fact that you feel better by eating better.  This is important.  Just as we attach emotions to eating something like a treat – attach an internal victory to your successful cleanse and build from there.

Remember, we are here for you.  Call us if you would like an Ayurvedic consultation or any Ayurvedic therapy.

Hari Om!


Blue Lotus Healing Center Kitchari Cleanse Kit

Our complete Winter Weekend Kitchari Cleanse Kit includes:

  • 2 lbs of kitchari (split mung dal beans and basmati rice)
  • 5 oz of kitchari spice blend. David’s own blend!
  • 8oz jar of organic ghee.
  • 3oz of herbal detox tea blend.
  • 1 bottle of Triphala
  • Instruction booklet on how to get the most from your cleanse plus some cool health tips!
  • All for only $59.95! Call, email or stop on over!  620.1000

Ayurveda does not treat, diagnose or cure disease. Ayurveda treats the individual based on doshic imbalances. This article is for educational purposes and has not been evaluated by the FDA. No claims have been made or implied. Ayurveda rocks!

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