Dr Shamali JoshiBAMS

    Dr Sunil V. Joshi opened his private clinic, the Vinayak Panchakarma Chikitsalaya, in 1985 in Nagpur, India with his wife Dr Shamali Joshi.

    Since 1985 she is a specialist in woman’s health issues at the Nagpur clinic. Dr Shamali is responsible for gynecology and pediatrics. She is specialized in Ayurvedic nutrition and dietary therapies. She has a broad knowledge of plants and has specialized in Namarupa vyjana in Dravyaguna. Dr Shamali takes students out for botanical identification of common Ayurvedic plants during the Nagpur study program.

    Dr Shamali Joshi knowledge is well known in the USA where she has been going since 1989 to practice and teach Ayurveda. Her students include the author Amadea Morningstar among others. She is a valuable resource to this course and brings over 20 years of clinical experience to her teaching.

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