System Sickness

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1. a set of connected things or parts forming a complex whole, in particular.

2. a set of principles or procedures according to which something is done; an organized scheme or method.


1. ill health: illness

2. a disordered, weakened, or unsound condition

Today is a new day.

I have never been a blogger, a writer and haven’t produced articles in over 25 years. Today we find ourselves in a new age, a new era and faced with new challenges to which the human being as an organism has never been exposed. In the past, my newsletters were printed on paper, stapled, stuffed, stamped and mailed. Also, during that period of western culture we used to speak to each other on the phone and in person. We would send letters. We valued interaction and communication. We bit our tongues. We ignored “faults” of others. We avoided discussing politics and religion. We had to see each other face to face to communicate so we had to be cordial.

For the most part we are a kinder species in person.

It is hard to compare today’s times to previous decades. We live in a time that is very strange by way of health. The System that is forced upon us makes us sick. We can all admit that western civilization is based on consumerism, capitalism and control. We also know that the System will draw us in, lock us down and hold us in its grasp any chance it gets. But why? The System needs customers. It needs willing customers. But that begs the question as to how we are confused into believing that the System is not only real, but the only choice and the BEST choice.

By default, the System is perfect. It creates its own customers, support staff and workers. The System is the perfect example of the green monster that eats itself and just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

If you are reading this article, more than likely you have investigated something, somewhere at some time. You have sought truth. Here’s the issue with truth seeking – we typically seek “truth” that supports our own distorted beliefs that are constructed by the system. A good example of this is industrial farming/meat/dairy. Yes, people still eat industrial raised animals. Yes, people still drink industrial raised milk. We know that industrial raised “food” is not a smart choice – yet we kid ourselves. We feel that things apply to everyone else. We can literally go online and watch a documentary on industrial farming than head out for a burger, fries and a beer. When things are pointed out we have some very strange responses.

We tend to put up a defense where, “It’s everyone else…I don’t do that!”

As an Ayurvedic practitioner I can site examples within the doshas. Every being is subject to doshic and seasonal influences. Some more than others and everyone individually/differently. The rub is that there are some major attributes (Sanskrit = Gunas) that are universal to each doshic makeup. Vata (ether and air), Pitta (fire and water) and Kapha (earth and water) are the 3 Doshas in Ayurveda. Everyone attaches to one prominently displayed action in our being. Each doshic makeup carries imbalances and addictions (along with their own chronic health issues). The addictions may seem very strange especially if we don’t have the same tendencies. A good example are fad/popular diets. Each doshic makeup will be drawn to a diet based on how they perceive themselves and will defend the diet based on addictions.

Keep in mind that like increases like. Increase an attribute of a dosha – the dosha will increase. Kapha dosha loves meat and dairy because meat and dairy are comprised mainly of Kapha attributes; earth and water. So the kapha person chooses the diet that they feel is good for them but it’s based on their addictions. Kapha is generally convinced that the Atkins diet (meat, cheese) is best. Pitta is drawn to transformation and heat. I advise Pitta to stop doing and to just be calm; to relax and not try to create and transform. They (myself included) struggle with letting go and stopping the mind from processing. This may seem funny to a kapha that is perfectly happy NOT doing. Whereby a pitta would be confused as to why kapha is visibly shaken when it’s suggested that they would be best served to avoid meat and dairy because Pitta is drawn to the transformation and looks forward to the challenge. Kapha cannot understand why there has to be a challenge. Vata has very irregular digestion and struggles with food that is difficult to digest. They also thrive on change and movement. Vata is drawn to raw vegan but rarely has the digestive fire to fully breakdown and assimilate raw veggies.

Addictions are tough. Tough to admit.

Now let us consider the hyper interaction that takes place via social media. For hundreds of thousands of years if you wanted to speak to another person you had to do some work. You may have to walk miles or you may have to wait months for letters to be returned. Communication was dear and was honored. People were polite. Now we can have emotional and mental swings dozens of times every day which adds up to thousands of times per year. Are we some special breed of human that can suddenly handle these issues? Not in the slightest. In fact I would state professionally that today we are less equipped to handle stresses than our ancestors due to the erosion of our nourishment and movement away from a nature based lifestyle.

Does social media promote love and compassion?

Think of things this way. For eons a person would have to put in a little work to “get to you.” They would have to find you and confront you face to face if they had an issue and if they fell madly in love with you – they would have to take you on a date and actually speak to you. Take a 90 year old man who died in the 1960’s. Let us assume he was a typical person; average means, average everything. How many arguments did he encounter in his lifetime? How many times has he had to posture for his beliefs to be respected and known? How many crushes did he have. How many times did he see nudity? How many friends did he unfriend and how many times did he get unfriended? How many times did he scroll through his smart phone at midnight disgusted because his BFF backed a politician that didn’t agree with his own version of how things should be. I am willing to go out on a limb and say that it was a tiny fraction of the number of times compared to an adolescent today.

That’s scary stuff.

Could it be that we are allowing this to happen? Are we asking for it? Absolutely. The System is tricky. It will convince you that you are right, that it’s okay to carry addictions and do what makes you feel good and allows us a form of a toxic illusion that we interpret as happiness.

We are convinced that our addictions are acceptable and that everyone should just suck an egg because, “It’s me, that’s how I am….take it or leave it.” Remember, the underlying System wants you to feel that way. They want us to feel like it’s okay for us as an individual, to be accepting and to continue on.

It’s like the old story:

Two devout Catholics were at their jobs as construction workers on a public road. Today they happened to be working directly across from the local brothel. Sure as the work started a Rabbi drives in, hops out of the car, pulls his hat down and moves quickly inside. One of the Catholic devotees says to the other, “See, there you go…I told you about the Jews.” Almost Immediately another car parks and out hops the Baptist minister. The other devotee says, “See those Baptists…I told you!” Lastly, a catholic priest arrives, wraps he cloak around his head and ducks in quickly. “Holy crap…it’s Father!” one Catholic quips to the other, “One of the girls must be very sick!”

There is no way to change the world externally. Many have tried before us and many will after. We can only change us. And even that is a monumental task. Why? Because we kid ourselves. WE ALL DO. I ask several people every week questions about social media every week in my clinic. Most comment on the sick girl in the brothel and not the truth.

Healing ourselves and changing the world comes from within. We can only change one thing. Our perception of what we bring in through our senses. I’ll say it again. Kid ourselves all we want….we can only change one thing: Our perception of reality.

Ayurveda teaches that healing is the whole pie with the ingredients – Mind, Body and Spirit. The ancient texts typically mention some sort of trinity. Mind, Body and Soul. Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The goal of Ayurveda is to restore functional integrity with cellular intelligence. True, universal healing comes from Mind, Body and Spirit. An example would be a person eating a sattvic diet but staying up all night playing violent video games. The body may be addressed but the mind is chaotic.

With too much stimulus we retard our cellular communication. Stress, bad food, bad water, poor sleep and improper lifestyle lead to our mistakes. The problem is – the System tells us that our mistakes are to be honored, they are “us” and to continue on indulging as we become more ingrained and more controlled.

The system is set up to defend our addictions.

The system IS addiction. What we refer to as society is addiction based.

The first step to breaking free is to become conscious of our sickness. To look within and accept that it is me and only me; that I control what takes place in my life and the influence of the System is not me – it’s a game that I can choose to play or not play. Healing our mind, body and spirit does not come with tiny tweaks. Change comes with an internal rebellion. My own. Your own. Your own exciting vibe. Your way to walk tall and be YOU.

Healing will make you upset. It hurts. Unless we are drastic we do not heal. Pulling away from our addictions is upsetting. Anything upsetting is valuable. Only the truth can upset. Fiction is not upsetting. Try it with yourself right now. Say you will quit social media and then watch how your addiction is supported by your sickness.

Only truth upsets. Only truth destroys because only truth can create.

Try this….when you have the desire to get on your phone, through your nose inhale slowly and deeply for 6 seconds, hold for 4 seconds and exhale for 8 seconds. If you can see the horizon – look at it. Keep your eyes fixed on the horizon breathe and hold your gaze like our ancestors did for thousands of years every day. With your eyes affixed upward and breathing deeply try and let your mind do the repetitive game. It is very difficult. Now look down at your hands. Without your phone you can start the repetitive thought.

Keep your chin up. Breath deep and slow. Take control by not controlling.

Let go.




Healing is creating structured chaos. Universal structure is chaos = nature. Structured chaos leads to the deconstruction of our structured world = freedom = love = happiness. Therefore happiness = nature, what is natural, what is universal; what is not man made. Nature = love = happiness = freedom. Freedom = happiness = love = nature. Can we accept that all four words are interchangeable? Probably. Remember that with every ounce of security comes an ounce of bondage. The System is very aware of this. The System thrives on it. Please be mindful of bondage when seeking security. You cannot avoid it. It’s not a choice. When you choose security via the System – you also choose it’s form of bondage.

The will to make this planet a better place is within us. Some of us want it so badly we are making ourselves sick. What is the very best thing we can do? I will illustrate with another story…

A long time ago there was a village that was suffering under a great drought. The village leaders went to a wise old man, a rainmaker. The rainmaker being very wise promised to do his best on the condition that he was provided with a solitary little cottage where he could be alone without food or contact for 3 days. He was granted his wishes and retired to the cottage. On the evening of the third day rain fell and saved the crops and the village. Everyone was elated and wanted to know how the old, wise rainmaker did it. “It was quite simple.” the rainmaker answered. “For three days all I have done is to put myself in order. For I know that once I am in order, the world will be in order, and the universe will yield to the rain.”

Carry the rebellion within you. Share the rebellion like the wise, old rainmaker. Put yourself in order.

Peace and Love, David

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    “We can only change one thing: our perception of reality.” Very well put together, David. May we all find the strength within ourselves to acknowledge and overcome the System.

    Peace and much Love back,


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