Ayurvedic Workshop Parts I, II and III

Yoga Fest 2017

Included three part integration in Ayurveda

1- Introduction to Ayurveda
-ayur = life, veda = science
– What is ayurveda?
– What is “my dosha?”
How would integration of ayurveda change my life?
– the basics of ayurveda and what it means to health and happiness

2- Ahyurveda and our daily lives – Dinacharya
– How to integrate ayurveda into my life
– How to adjust for seasons and doshas
– How to avoid “colds” forever!
– How it takes mind body and spirit to truly heal and how ayurveda can help.

3- Ayurveda and the mind – manas
– How living shapes our imbalances
– Why do we make improper decisions?
– How to keep the mind calm, improve sleep and eliminate anxiety
– What ayurveda teaches with regards to our mind and our overall well being.
– How to eliminate stress from you life.

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