Holographic Body Assessment

Energy creates matter and matter can neither be created nor destroyed. Every human has a holographic body that is connected to nature. Some refer to this as our etheric body or even our aura. Assessing this energetic system can reveal many blockages and help to assess imbalances. The ancients knew this thousand of years ago and even modern-day science is finally beginning to understand these principles. Dr. David will assess you using several assessment techniques including reading your tongue, your pulse, and other physical points. He will also take Kirlian photographs of your electromagnetic pulses to help determine where your therapy should lie. This is something everyone needs to have done at least twice a year! We look forward to seeing you! Love and Light…

Dr. David is a Doctor of Natural Medicine and is trained for this type of treatment, along with his specialty in Ayurveda. Ayurveda is based on prevention and causation more than it is symptomatic relief, but symptoms do arise and need to be dealt with one way or another. Let Dr. David guide you down the natural path of recovery and healing. This consultation is also perfect for those that are into natural healing themselves and may need a quick question and answer session with recommendations.

If you are out-of-state, on vacation, bundled up in bed or not within driving distance of the clinic, Dr. David is available to consult over the phone or by Skype. In the appointment notes, be sure to let us know if you want to connect over Skype or Phone, otherwise we will assume you are coming in person to the clinic for your appointment.

You will have 30 minutes reserved for your appointment. Appointments under 15 minutes will only be charged at the rate of $50, but you will have up to 30 minutes with Dr. David.


1 Hour

Student discounts and family plans are available.

Your First Ayurvedic Consultation!

What to Expect For Your First Ayurvedic Consultation

This 1st consultation will be 1.5 to 2 hours in length. The client can expect the following from this Ayurvedic consultation:

  1. Review of health history and discussion of your concerns and health/personal goals and intentions.
  2. Complete assessment of Ayurvedic constitution (mind-body type).
  3. Determining current state of the doshas and the root causes of body/mind imbalances. Uncovering what lifestyle and food choices in the context of one’s daily life are causing stress in the body and mind.
  4. Pulse and tongue analysis.
  5. Your personal well-being plan. Your unique handout of navigational tools to begin the journey of optimal health, vitality, ease and creativity in all aspects of your life. This is called the Ayurvedic Dinacharya. It’s self-care recommendations that seamlessly weave into your daily life. The Ayurvedic Dinacharya is easy, effective, and enjoyable and will help you achieve your health and personal goals.
  6. Food guidelines to support digestion and nutrition.
  7. If applicable, Ayurvedic herbal formulas, vitamins, minerals, tonics and several other holistic modalities.
  8. Specific yoga poses and pranayama (breathing) practices to balance mind, body and spirit.
  9. Meditation and calming techniques.
  10. Educational recommendations like books, classes and videos.
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