Amy’s Healing Path by Amy Allen-Scott

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So this is my thumb nail pic is not the best. But the last third of my nail is very rough brittle and dry and dips down. I came to David in August for community day he gave my daughter and I tea to drink he said we were so covered that he couldn’t help us till we cleared some. He told us to skip breakfast biggest meal at lunch easy to digest dinner 3 hours before bed. I’m thinking ok…I have to eat every 3 or 4 hours or the hangries show up…so I ask. This is going to give us enough energy? Only eating 2 meals…oh I didn’t mention he said no snacks…we leave I am thinking this man is nuts..but I’m open minded I felt I was lead to blue lotus so I’ll give it try…wow I had more energy and felt better than I had and I was only eating 2 meals. A month later I went back…i did most of what he told me I should do. I lost almost 30 lbs I was losing a half a lb a day. It was crazy. Here we are December we are still working on healing my gut and adrenals but 47 years of not taking care of my body is going to take some time. Plus I had a huge trigger(I suffered from childhood traumas) and I slowly started eating sugar again (had i done everything he told me it may of not happened) but thats ok! my nail is a reminder of what happens when we are not mindfull of what we are doing to our bodies and eat sugar and processed foods. The healthy part of my nail is a result of hard work and following David’s path of healing. Thank you so much…oh and my husband tells me tonight he wants to come see my witch doctor! He has seen the results first hand. He has lost 50 lbs by eating whole foods and exercise but Dr’s told him he needs his gallbladder removed. He wants to come see you before he chooses surgery David! How do you feel about wearing a mask and dancing like witch doctors do in the movies?
I’d love to see his face! Lol Thank you so much.

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